ARRL Field Day is in 2 weeks

As the ARRL Field Day is quickly approaching, I signed up as an operator for the night shift for Davie/Cooper ARC.

The club is planning to have 2 HF operating stations, plus a VHF (2m/6m) and a GOTA stations at Markham park in Broward county.


Most likely will be working on 40m – CW + SSB, logging QSOs with SQIRL logging software.

Stop by to say hi, or look for NA4DC on the bands on June 25th!



Activating CA0039 Gibraltar’s Point lighthouse at Toronto Islands

 This weekend, I had enormous pleasure and great honour participating in Gibraltar’s Point lighthouse activation by VE3TNC Toronto club members as part of the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend




Gibraltar Point Lighthouse


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13 Colonies special event

A nice piece of fancy wallpaper arrived in the mail today:

13 US colonies - 2014


To get one, you need at least 1 QSO during the special event week (July 4th independence week) with any one of the 13 participating states stations – K2A, K2B, …

Great work by the organizers and the state stations/operators this year!

Thank you and 73!



Ham-Ex and Hamvention 2012

The Ham-Ex this year did not look as crowded as it was last year. However, I still met many fellow hams there. It’s hard to say what caused less people to show up – unusually warm weather for mid-March, or the CQ WPX contest.

Nevertheless, the hamfest was a hit. Amateur radio club of Peel (P.A.R.C.) had a booth with some cool and useful hamshack gadgets  they build in the club on Saturdays. The fleamarket did not have many vendors this year, however, this resulted in less junk and more good offers. Some of my favourites:

  • Kenwood TS-520S in great condition – $150 (why I didn’t buy it?)
  • Kenwood SP-520 (speaker) – $30 (welcome to my shack!)
  • Brass straight key in great condition with very heavy base – $12 (thank you to Stan VE3STN)
  • Ten-Tec electret mic (powered) – $35 (will be tested soon)

I plan to drive to Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio in May this year. That must be fun but haven’t found a company yet as it would be boring to drive alone for 7 hours.