Powerwerx SS-30DV switching power supply – RFI hash noise across all HF bands

Continuing rebuilding the shack. Since hamfests are off-limits due to pandemic restrictions opted to buying brand new equipment on a budget.

Bought a new Yaesu FT-891 which while by all means is not a great performer is a portable and a budget option for a portable/mobile/base station and could be a good choice of a Field Day radio.

HRO had it on sale and also listed Powerwerx SS-30DV as a recommended accessory PSU among slightly more expensive Yaesu FP-1023 (also switching type aka rebranded Samlex SEC-1223) and a more expensive linear Yaesu FP-1030A.

Having had somewhat positive experience with re-purposed computer linear switching supplies (e.g. https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/12-ham-radio-power-supply.703104/) I had somewhat high expectations for Powerwerx SS-30DV. Besides, reviews on eham.net were mainly positive.

I was wrong.

Not sure if I got a defective unit or this model is not suitable for HF work but I get S9+40 RFI having my transceiver powered by it and a strong noticeable RFI every 30-35kHz even when the PSU just sits on the bench next to the transceiver. Obvisously, the RFI overloads and desensitize the radio frontend making it completely deaf.

After switching to a 12V battery, the noise is gone and comes back only when the PSU is turned on.

The noise goes all the way up to 6m band (50 MHz). Will be sending the PSU back to the seller.

Perhaps, a good old linear PSU is the way to go.



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