Kenwood TS-520 classic rig

Went to a ham radio garage sale in Newmarket and now I am a happy owner (the third owner) of a wonderful Kenwood TS-520 hybrid rig (SN#250226) – thanks to VE3NX (was the second owner).

The rig is very clean and seems to be in great shape!

Also, thanks to VE3IZZ, who practically donated to me an MFJ-941E tuner and a 20m dipole along with coax cables. Thus, by 7pm I was dipping plates and CQ DX!

One problem though – the tuner has no internal dummy load. That I discovered a little late.. after tuning the rig a couple of times… but seems like luckily did no damage to the finals.

So I ordered 20 x 1000 Ohm 2W carbon resistors on eBay to build a dummy-load myself.

K4EAA has provided great building instructions on his wonderful website dedicated to Kenwood hybrids:

Kenwood TS-520 Manual