First QSO on CW

Just made my first QSO on CW. It was with Pete VE3DVR from Windsor, ON. Thanks to Pete for QRS, I had no problems copying him and really enjoyed my first QSO. It was quite nervous, but I guess that’s what the first time is usually about.

I can send 10-13 wpm comfortably with my straight key if I have a text in front of me. But sending and thinking about what to send is much harder for some reason – could be the 2nd language barrier or just need to build a habit?

My copying is 5-6 wpm at best, because even if I get all characters okay, I still need extra time to figure out the words. This distracts my focus from copying the next coming characters… Couldn’t figure how to handle this.

After my first QSO, my brain was exhausted and wanted a break when I was called by Bob WB2FLX from Scotia, NY, and then had another short QSO with Bob KB3ENU from Galena, MD.

All in all, it was a nice day and interesting experience. Thank you Pete, Bob and Robert for your patience. Hope to work you again soon.


P.S. Meanwhile, got my SKCC membership today. New QSOs ahead!