Contests this week

New ‘Contests this week’ posted at VA3CTA – Central Toronto Amateur Radio club website

Contests this week

I wrote this posting initially for CenTor VA3CTA.ORG – Cental Toronto Amateur Radio Club members and then decided to post a copy in my personal blog as well.

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NCDXF Beacons – windows mobile / pocket pc app

I realize there are many windows mobile and pocket pc devices lying around still in a good working condition. For example, I have a 10-year old HP Ipaq 4150 which  still works fast and well. The only thing I had to replace is a Li-ion battery (available on Amazon for a few dollars).

I also have a still working well 3-year old Samsung Omnia 900 which I used with PocketDigi, DX Cluster, and some other ham software.

I know, Android is hot, and same is Apple, but I just cannot justify throwing away a finely engineered and still functional device just because it’s not cool anymore.

Anyway, recently, I was looking for the NCDXF Beacons app for Windows mobile / PocketPC on the internet. The link on NCDXF Website was outdated. The search was taking too long so I finally decided to write one myself.

After a few hours and two cups of coffee, the working beta version is now ready and available for download at

I have a couple more apps in mind. Then, I may switch to Android and RIM Playbook development as there are still not many usable apps for our hobby.

13 US Colonies Special Event Stations

Just finished working the 14th bonus station WM3PEN stations for the 13 US Colonies special event –

The goal was to work one or more of the 13 K2* super-stations – one for each province. The prize is a nice certificate featuring USS battleships – the ‘Ironsides’.

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