QSL Card

I use primarily Logbook of the World (LOTW).

If we had a QSO and you’d like a QSL card from me – please let me know and I send you one directly or via bureau; or just send me yours – I respond 100% within 1-2 weeks.

Click here to check that you are in the log and request a direct or bureau QSL from me using OQRS


2 Responses to QSL Card

  1. Robert. J. Baruffi says:

    1500 -17 0.2 1080 # CQ VA3PAW FN03
    1501 -8 0.4 276 # CQ WU5E EM66
    1502 -18 0.2 560 # CQ VE9DX FN75
    1502 -15 0.2 1076 # CQ VA3PAW FN03

    Robert J. Baruffi
    Radio Realistic DX-302 UTC Time 15:00 15:02
    4796 Jefferies Hwy Ant. Longwire 160 feet UTC Date 1/31/2015
    Walterboro, SC 29488 Coord 32.966157 -80.641368 MHZ 14076.00
    U.S.A. Software WSJT-X

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