SoftRock Lite

Finished assembling the Softrock Lite SDR. It took almost all of the day – though it was a lot of fun.
The instructions provided by WB5RVZ on his website came very handy and answered all newbie questions I had. A magnifying glass was also very helpful because components are so tiny these days.

Finally, tested the result using Rocky. It worked out of the box!
Now need a better soundcard. Larry’s page has some proven recommendations:

More helpful notes regarding Softrock SDR:

Changes in the shack

Finally installed a new vertical antenna – LDG s9v31.

The antenna seems to be performing quite well on receiving. The SWR on 40m and 80m is close to 1:1 (with tuner of course), and is close to 1:2 on higher bands. Not so good on transmit, probably, because I only have two radials for now which is definitely not enough.

The old mic which came with the rig was in need of replacement so I ordered a replacement MFJ mic for $25. Shipping was $20 on top and took 2 months to deliver… Once it finally arrived, the wiring was loose and not secured to the connector so it shorted right out of the box… ah well… Took a soldering iron and rewired it. Seems to be working okay now.

Other updates – got my first QSL card from my first DX Italian contact. That was a very nice surprise for the New Year.