NASA proved a concept of an RF resonant cavity thruster (space engine) using 915MHz and 28W

This is quite an unusual application for microwaves and 35cm ham band.

NASA has finally confirmed that the Shawyer’s EmDrive engine works:

British aerospace engineer Roger J. Shawyer published his EmDrive design back in 2006.

A prototype was built and tested and confirmed as functional by Chinese researchers in 2010. Now, it was finally proved by NASA. The thrust is tiny yet there is a potential. “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind”.

I guess in 25 years (when patents expire) we may have an open-source/commercial space engines finally. Unless, Chinese manufacturing will build their own royalty-free version and start colonizing Moon and Mars first before us (sarcasm).

Official science has no explanation on why and how this design works so far. Just another example of how little we know (and understand) about how exactly this universe functions.