Shack updates

The shack updates:

1. I am considering ordering Ameco K-4 Brass Key AM-K4 – it’s $24.95 at

It has some good reviews (4.8/5.0 score) at
I will most likely add a solid heavy thin base to it or simply attach it permanently to the desk.

2. For my Softrock, I am going to build a simple magnetic loop. This place happens to have inexpensive variable air capacitors ($10-20) that I am going to try for this:

3. My new LDG S9v31 vertical is behaving strangely. The SWR which was close to 1:1 on most of the bands now is 1:1.5 or 1:2 at best. I guess the change of weather changed the electrical qualities of the soil so I may need to try elevated radials. I think I also need to borrow an antenna analyzer to check the actual impedance and resonant frequency before and after the 4:1 unun. Update: it’s back to normal now.

I came across some interesting links related to ham radio: