712 active (on HF) hams in Canada according to ARRL LotW in 2014

If you happened to work any of the US ARRL Members during this year, and, you upload your logs to LotW, your score and QSO count will get displayed on ARRL Centennial QSO Party Leaderboard.

Out of curiosity, I checked how many Canadian hams participated (uploaded their logs) this year. After cleansing results (removing duplicate, visitor and special event callsigns), the total count came to about 715 VE hams only – not too bad! Out of this, 312 hams (44%) were in Ontario (VE3/VA3):


Not surprisingly, the VE leader is also in Ontario – VE3CX from Thunder Bay with a stunning 11,863 QSO count (as of 12/31/2014) and 47th rank globally. Congratulations, Tom!


Using the opportunity, here is a great article by Tom VE3CX on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CONTEST SCORES (ASIDE FROM SPENDING MORE MONEY).

Now, as my average QSO confirmation rate on LotW was about 52%, I believe it is safe to assume that the actual count of active HF operators in Canada is in the order of 2 or roughly 1,500 hams which makes ham radio a fairly rare hobby.

As of this morning, my score is humble – 65th in Canada (out of 763 entries) and 1965th globally with 16,392 points and 2,369 qualifying QSO – still not bad for a 31′ long wire and 5-100 watts modest station and an S9 urban noise floor operating conditions:


And, as Tom VE3CX wrote in his article:

Last but not least: accept reality. While we all aspire to be top guns, precious few actually achieve that level of performance. That is what makes their performance stand out – not all of us can get there. While it is fun to dream of having a huge amount of aluminum at your fingertips, top notch radios, amps, etc., we need to be happy with what we have, and not worry so much about the other guy. Take time to enjoy the magic of radio, have fun with it, and set realistic goals that you can achieve. Take pride in reaching your goals (whatever they may be). It is after all a hobby. Have fun with it. Smile a lot. That too will improve your scores :-)

It was a great year and I believe ARRL did a great job with organizing Centennial QSO Party and W1AW portable operations from each state and many offshore US territories. There was lots of activity on the bands and I met many great people on the bands thanks to that.

Happy New Year 2015!

73! Paul VA3PAW

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