Portable 25W of solar power for ham radio

There is a nice add-on for a field day set for next year: Canadian Tire has a Coleman 40W solar panel (with charge controller) on sale for $124+tax (regular: $250+HST).

Tested it quickly in full sun – it was reliably giving 2 Amps charge at 13.8 Volts out. This is actually closer to 25W but still more than enough for a 5W QRP set!

The downside that it’s not really foldable (the leg is) and it’s quite bulky to carry around. But the upside is up to 25W of constant (re)charging power (in full sun).

Just need to plug-in a 60-65Ah car battery (or marine/RV one) and it’s good to go. May even be enough to run a small netbook for logging and digital modes from the same charge/battery.

They first came on sale on the last week of June – just before the Field day for $99, and now it was the second time but for $124. Possibly, will come again on sale closer to September.

UPDATE: This panel is on sale again for $99+tax starting this Friday until 9/18/2014.


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