N1MM Logger Plus

There is a new VB.NET ‘Plus’ replacement version of the popular N1MM logger coming soon! There is not much else info around but the screenshots look promising:


As it is VB.NET based, I was wondering if it will work on Linux / MacOS (e.g. by using Mono Framework)? It would be a pity if it remains Windows-only app after such a massive rework….

There is a Facebook fan page with regular updates posted and the app is now in beta-testing stage.

Would it have been better written in Java the first time instead so it would be truly cross-platform?


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2 Responses to N1MM Logger Plus

  1. Mel Seyle says:

    Any more information on the possibility of using the Mono Framework to run the .NET version
    of N1MM on linux? If I could get a contest logging program that would run under linux, I would
    be able to move 90% of the s/w I use on a regular basis to linux. I really think that a good contest logging program would make linux much more attractive to the ham radio community.


  2. Andy says:

    Some guys have been able to run N1MM Logger+ under Wine. The installer only requires .NET 4.0, everything else is just in the app bin folder…

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