Of importance of RBN and radials.. and not so of SWR.

I worked on my vertical antenna today installing a 4:1 unun transformer I had removed for the winter. Without the unun, the vertical worked perfectly on 40m (only) and miserably on any other band. Now, with the unun, it is supposed to work fairly decent on all 40 – 10m bands. In theory.

In reality, the results were quite the opposite.  After few CQ calls no responses and no spots on RBN on neither band… On top of that, high RF in the shack – full scale deflection on field strength meter…. while SWR on my antenna tuner is 1:1.

So back to the antenna.

To make story short, the culprit was a wire going to the radials which has disconnected itself from the unun. The unun was okay, but, this way, the vertical became an end-fed antenna with no radials

After re-tightening the wire terminal on the unun (and re-adjusting the tuner to 1:1 SWR) the station is now heard as expected:



But still not much on 20m even though the band is supposed to be open – just 2 spots:
























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