Hamfest treasures: Chinese VHF 6m backpack 884 radio from the mid-70s

While attending the Durham region hamfest and socializing with OM and YL ham friends, I could not resist grabbing this little green portable radio.

Has anyone had any experience with this radio?

photo 3

Someone appears to tried making some modifications as one panel has been removed:

photo 2

All labels on it and documentation are in Chinese:

884 user manual

Haven’t attempted to try powering it up yet so not sure if it’s in working condition.

According to this blog, the 884 radio operates within 45-50 MHz in a single continues band. It could have 51 channels if the spacing between channels is 100 KHz. It has two modes of operation: FM and CW. The radio itself measures 260 x 220 x 90mm, weight 5.5Kg with batteries. It uses 1.5 meter whip-antenna, operates with 11.5 – 18 V DC and output power is 0.75W. With 1.5 meter antenna, operation distance is 2.5 Km for voice and 5 Km for telegraph under normal battle field condition.

This is how it looked when it was brand new:

Would be interesting to try it with a 6m delta loop on a field day!

73! Paul VA3PAW


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3 Responses to Hamfest treasures: Chinese VHF 6m backpack 884 radio from the mid-70s

  1. Gary Greenblatt says:

    Hey Paul….Gary here…VA3WBW…I am also a member of CENTOR and have the exact 884 radio you posted….mine was like NOS in a sealed box….came with all carrying cases and spares.It is running….If you want to see it I can bring it to the next meeting. I also own a Racal 6778c and a Harris RF-590.Hope to see you…

    • va3paw says:

      Hi Gary, good to hear from you, thanks. Haven’t tested mine yet. We should try a QSO once I have my running!
      May stop by the next Centor gathering next Tuesday if work permits.
      73! Paul

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