New Year resolutions / to do list for 2013

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone. On this post I’ll try to summarize the goals for 2013:

  1. Build permanent shack, install antenna distribution box, new grounding system, antenna feed lines, dedicated PC for digital modes / DSP / CW / logging,
  2. Install antenna distribution box outside, improve lightning protection, grounding system at the entrance

Antenna projects:

  1. Build 10m halo antenna for digital modes, portable use
  2. Build 20m magnetic loop antenna for digital modes
  3. Install new grounding and radials to the main vertical antenna, weatherproof distribution box, retune antenna, calculate diagrams (EZNEC), bury new feed line in a rodent-proof conduit
  4. Locate and identify source of S7 QRN on 40m
  5. Build new HF / VHF antenna
  6. Build and install discone antenna on attic with remote RTL-SDR / Raspberry Pi receiver
  1. Finish SoftRock RXTX kit
  2. Convert Softrock 20m lite for WSPR / PSK usage
  3. Build WSPR beacon
  4. Build APRS gateway using Raspberry Pi
  5. Finalize MCU homebrew paddles CW-keyer (add enclosure, paddles)

About va3paw
Ham radio enthusiast, software developer

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