Contests this week

I wrote this posting initially for CenTor VA3CTA.ORG – Cental Toronto Amateur Radio Club members and then decided to post a copy in my personal blog as well.

The contests are always a good opportunity to work new DXCC entity or state/province for your DXCC/WAS award as many otherwise quiet stations come to life.

ARRL IARU World championship has just finished last weekend so this week is fairly quiet. Nevertheless, this week is a good opportunity to work CW QRP or digital modes:

1. CW QRP monthly sprint sponsored by North American QRP CW Club

2. RTTY contest sponsored by Digital Modes

3. VHF contest (all modes) sponsored by CQ Magazine

4. RTTY QSO Party sponsored by ARRL/NCJ magazine

5. CW QRP low power contest sponsored by Royal Society of Great Britain

6. CW QRP monthly Run for the Bacon by Flying Pigs QRP International!

Also, if you are into moon-bouncing, there is a 144 MHz Digital EME Championship starting Friday 8pm as well (

1. The Monthly QRP Sprint sponsored by North American QRP CW Club starts Thursday 8:30pm – 10:30pm (Jul 19, 0030Z – Jul 19, 0230Z).

This easygoing and relaxed only 2-hr long contest is a joy to operate. All licensed amateurs are invited to participate and submit logs (not just QRP). Those operating QRP (5 watts or less) and club members are eligible for awards. Club membership is free.

Working frequencies:

80M – 3555-3565 kHz (Be courteous to FISTS operating on 3558 kHz)

40M – 7030-7045 kHz

20M – 14059-14065 kHz

For more details:

2. Annual DMC RTTY Contest by Digital Modes starts Saturday Jul 21st @ 8am and goes 24hr (Saturday Jul 21, 1200Z – Jul 22, 1200Z)

Digital Modes Club (DMC)is for all licensed HAM operators and SWL’s who like digital modes. It has free lifetime membership. If you are active or just would like to start on the DIGITAL MODES like: RTTY, PSK31, MFSK16, MT63, TOR, AMTOR, PACTOR, PACTOR II, PACTOR III, G-TOR, CLOVER,HF PACKET, HELLSCHREIBER, THROB etc. you made the Right Choice!

Working bands: 3.5-28; VE/VA is a multiplier! The contest is digital only (RTTY).

For more details:

3. CQ World Wide VHF contest (all modes) is sponsored by CQ Magazine and begins this Saturday July 21nd @ 2pm (1800Z) and then goes till Sunday 5pm.

The objectives of this contest are for amateurs around the world to contact as many amateurs as possible in the contest period, to promote VHF, to allow VHF operators the opportunity to experience the enhanced propagation available at this time of year, and for interested amateurs to collect VHF Maidenhead grid locators for awards credits.

Bands: All authorized amateur radio frequencies on 50 MHz (6 meters) and 144 MHz (2 meters) may be used as authorized by local law and license class.

The contest is targeted at VHF enthusiasts. With tropospheric ducts and meteor scatter propagation usual for this time of the year there may be unexpected far propagation openings with contacts as far as 250km and more using just 50W and directional yagi antennas.

The exchange is your 4-char Maidenhead grid square – e.g. FN03 for Toronto.  Consult RAC band plan for calling frequencies for your mode / band:

  1. RAC 2m band plan
  2. RAC 6m band plan

For more details:

To get an idea what the contest may be like check:

4. RTTY QSO Party sponsored by ARRL/NCJ coincides with CQ WW VHF contest (starts Saturday July 21nd @ 2pm (UTC: 1800Z)) but only goes for 12 hours.

The objective of the QSO Party is to work as many North American stations as possible during the contest period.

Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters only. You may work a station once per band. When operating RTTY on 20 meters, please respect the PSK window, 14,070 to 14,073 kHz, and the NCDXF beacon frequency of 14,100 kHz.

Exchange: Operator name and station location (state, province or country) for North

American stations; operator name only for non-North American stations. VE/VA is a multiplier!

For more details:

5. CW QRP low power contest sponsored by RSGB

This a serious event for the QRPer, providing a choice of fixed station operation or outdoor fun. Expect many UK QRP stations if band conditions are good.

Event starts this Sunday 22nd July 2012 early morning and goes in 2 short sessions:  5am – 8am, then 9am – 12pm (0900 – 1200 UTC and 1300 – 1600 UTC).

Operating frequencies: 3510 – 3580 KHz and 7000 – 7040 KHz. Mode: CW.

Exchange: RST + Serial Number + Power.

For rules:

6. And the last, but not least – on Sunday night @ 9pm till 11pm there is monthly Run For the Bacon two hour contest organized by The Flying Pigs QRP Club, International, W8PIG!

This CW QRP contest occurs every third Sunday night of every month at 9 PM Local time in New York City (Eastern Time) and runs for two (2) hours until 11 PM local time in New York City.

Rules are simple:Work CW stations only, once per band on 160-80-40-20-15-10 only. Suggest you work the high freq bands first, then, work your way down to 80 and 160. Exchange is: RST, SPC (State/Province/Country), FP# (non-members send power)

FPQRP club membership is open to all licensed QRP operators who reside within 12,000 nautical miles of Cincinnati, Ohio

QSO points: Member = 3 points, DX members = 5 points, non member = 1 point

SPC Multipliers: State/Province/Country total for all bands.

For more details check:

Thank you for reading!



Written for Cental Toronto Amateur Radio Club – CenTor VA3CTA



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