NCDXF Beacons – windows mobile / pocket pc app

I realize there are many windows mobile and pocket pc devices lying around still in a good working condition. For example, I have a 10-year old HP Ipaq 4150 which  still works fast and well. The only thing I had to replace is a Li-ion battery (available on Amazon for a few dollars).

I also have a still working well 3-year old Samsung Omnia 900 which I used with PocketDigi, DX Cluster, and some other ham software.

I know, Android is hot, and same is Apple, but I just cannot justify throwing away a finely engineered and still functional device just because it’s not cool anymore.

Anyway, recently, I was looking for the NCDXF Beacons app for Windows mobile / PocketPC on the internet. The link on NCDXF Website was outdated. The search was taking too long so I finally decided to write one myself.

After a few hours and two cups of coffee, the working beta version is now ready and available for download at

I have a couple more apps in mind. Then, I may switch to Android and RIM Playbook development as there are still not many usable apps for our hobby.

About va3paw
Ham radio enthusiast, software developer

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