13 US Colonies Special Event Stations

Just finished working the 14th bonus station WM3PEN stations for the 13 US Colonies special event – http://www.13colonies.info/

The goal was to work one or more of the 13 K2* super-stations – one for each province. The prize is a nice certificate featuring USS battleships – the ‘Ironsides’.

Working all 13 stations results in a ‘CleanSweep’ endorsement. There is also a bonus 14th station – WM3PEN.

The event was very popular this year resulting in, sometimes, insane pileups. Nevertheless, thanks to commitment and experience of participating operators, I think everyone had fun and had got a chance – even QRP folks.

To summarize, it was a pleasant and non-stressing contest which was lots of enjoyment. The conditions were mediocre at times, but I was lucky to work all 13 stations and the bonus WM3PEN:

Big thank you to organizers, participating stations, and operators, and everybody participating in this special event.


About va3paw
Ham radio enthusiast, software developer

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