CQ WPX 2012

CQ WPX 2012

I could not spend much time with this contest because I was busy all of the Sunday and most of the Saturday (on Ham-Ex in Brampton).  However, night of Friday was very hot with many QSO and many fine stations on air.

I stopped at 120 QSOs
80m: 3
40m: 40
20m: 28
15m: 42
10m: 7

Prefixes: 97
Score: 11,640

Some highlights: Japan, Ukraine and Serbia on on 15m. Yukon (first time in log) on 20m.

Kudos to all those great ops that pulled my 100w into a vertical wire out of the noise and put me in their log. Hopefully, I didn’t blow too many exchanges and I’m in all those DX stations logs.

Approximately 25% of the QSOs are already confirmed by LOTW.
I wish I chose VE3 rather than VA3 when I got my callsign.



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