ARRL DX SSB Contest 2012

It is amazing how many DXCC entities came to life this weekend. Every turn of the dial opened new countries. And unlike us usually seeking those DX stations, they were seeking us instead. Amazing.

Equally amazing, the bands went quiet on 00:00Z. Just a minute ago, it  was an intermixing sound of voices, calls, and interference – and now – all of a sudden – it became a dead silence all over the bands. Surreal.

My setup for this contest was very basic – just a 31′ vertical (wire) antenna – no yagi or something…. I wish a had a directional antenna with some gain – hopefully the stacked loop I’m building will fill the gap.

Nevertheless, thanks to great ops and huge Yagis on the other end, my occasional work during this weekend netted 74 new QSOs, 38 DXCC entities, and 6 continents on my log.

ARRL DX SSB Contest 2012

The map was compiled using ADIF to MAP converter by K2DSL.


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